This is a blog, I hope you enjoy it; it’s my blog, so welcome.

I have written at two other blogs, which I may post here eventually, but I am hoping to keep this one less messy and whimsical – it may be a futile project.

Here I aim to write on science, philosophy, theology, and life. If you’d like to contact me, see the email address on the Publications page.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Regarding your debate on Unbelievable podcast contra Peter Adkins, I left this comment on the episode page.

    “Zachary continually accused Prof Adkins of importing presuppositions of naturalism into his interpretation of reality, existence and the cosmos. Clearly Zachary was equally as guilty of the same sin, but in the opposite direction. Adkins tried to explain this to Zachary when he stated that as a scientist, he (Adkins) approached these questions from a bottom up approach, commencing at the bottom with observed facts about the world. On the other hand, Zachary approached the same questions from a top down approach, where a personal, rational super-mind was arbitrarily inserted at the top. Clearly, Zachary’s approach is more clearly open to confirmation bias.

    Zachary was also a little slippery in his equivocation of the word “law” in the context of the laws of the cosmos. Zachary was trying to argue that the existence of these laws cries out for an explanation, in his case a disembodied, personal, super-mind acting as “law giver”. But in this way, Zachary was equivocating the word “law” from its scientific meaning of “observed, regular and reproducible internal relationship within a closed physical system” with a more jurisprudence definition of a declarative legislation.”

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