From the beginning and from before

From the beginning and from before
This universe was not self-contained
To this world there has always been more
Rational order ain’t merely ingrained.

We can live in a structured cosmos
And I am a moral thinking thing
Only ‘cause the right laws were imposed;
Given through the will of a good King.

The existence and nature of all this stuff
Points to His personal reality
But, these hints aren’t really enough
To experience His nature fully.

Yet, the eternal, personal, theological
True God, to us stooped down
And became flimsily biological
In order that He might be known.

He sought those in severest need
His enemies, Jesus did pursue
Yes, for us was willing to suffer and bleed
Our willful brokenness he can renew

The ‘mystery’ of Christmas
Is reachable, can be believed;
It’s no longer mysterious
Once the Gift is received.