Travel Plans

Here are my rough travel plans for my June/July 2014 trip to the US/Canada. The anchor-points are the ASM conference and ID seminar week, but it gives opportunities for various other things too and may stretch out to 6 1/2 weeks. It has been the occasion of intense waves of stress/anxiety, along with excitement and various other emotions over the last couple of weeks, as things have started to come together. I feel very fortunate, but also intimidated by it. It will largely be paid for by various grants and my doctoral student research expenses account (just the mainstream researchy bits, no dodgy mixing of church and state here, don’t worry), in case you’re curious. I’m not that wealthy, as you may guess.


Mid-June: fly from Auckland to Washington DC

File:US Capitol from NW.JPG

June 17th-18th: Explore DC a little

June 19-22nd: attend American Society for Microbiology conference on experimental microbial evolution. This is quite a big deal. (For some context, my last – and first – conference was in Palmerston North.)
Present a talk on my main research, and hopefully also a poster on a side-project (if I find time to put it together). Two presentations is ambitious, I may die trying to make them happen.

22 June – attend Capitol Hill Baptist church (?)

June 23rd- early July: spend time with my co-supervisor at McGill University, Montreal, for research visit (? – TBC) Otherwise, visit other experimental evolution people.

Early July: fly to Seattle.

6th July – attend Mars Hill church (?)

Visit Vancouver? (St John’s Anglican church)

Explore Seattle

July 11th-19th – Intelligent Design conference, with leading ID thinkers. (I would not have believed, if told in 2006 when reading a major ID book for the first time, that in less than 10 years I would be presenting at a conference on molecular evolution in the US capital, and going to chat with the ID people after as a potential serious contributor to the discussion)

Hopefully also…

July 22nd – fly to Hamilton, Ontario, for combined CIS, ASA, CSCA conference – the main UK, US, Canada science/Christianity organisations are meeting together, July 25th -28th. Some brilliant, inspirational, people are speaking; if it works out, it could be amazing.

July 29th – fly back to Auckland, and sleep.